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Anne Elizabeth Whiteway BioAnne Elizabeth Whiteway

"When I paint, it takes me into another world. I enjoy painting with acrylics because of the rich texture that I can achieve.

Many subjects inspire me to paint—scenes from the Southwest, florals, animals, and native American designs. Whimsical subjects appeal to me, such as "Kokopelli," the mythical flute player of Native American folklore.

My father, Edgar Lee Turner, who was an accomplished portrait and landscape painter, encouraged me to learn to paint after I retired from teaching second grade.

I also owe my enthusiasm for painting to Taunya Tae Waxham, Artist, who gave me drawing lessons..

I am a member of these associations:
Piedmont Arts Association
Hampton Arts League
Tidewater Arts Association
The Cultural Alliance

"I hope my creations transport you into a peaceful place, because that's where I am when I am painting."
—Anne Elizabeth Whiteway

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